Monthly Archives: December 2011

Gold exploration Porphyry Project

As we consumers stand in our jewelry stores looking at the beautiful displays of precious metals aligned in the cases we do not think about the fact there is gold exploration going on as we shop. All of the gold we see in those cases had to be mined to get there. The Taysan Copper-Gold Porphyry Project located in the Philippines specifically in the Batangas Province is a mining project in full swing. This location is being mined for precious metals including silver and magnetite with a large deposit of copper and gold. There are other mining projects going on as well. For investors this is an exciting time. Precious metals have an impressive value at this point and mining for them at established mines can yield a good return on an investment within a few short years.

Retailers, Cymax and specialty shops

People recognize a good thing. Everyone is on a budget these days and that means we are having to do things smarter then we once did. Making smarter decisions is what has lead many people to online shopping. We can get good prices and larger selections on items that we may not be able to find in our local markets. The Cymax retailers actually have a policy that states if they do not have what you are looking for then they will get it for you! How is that for customer service! I do not think I have ever had a local retailer give me that same option. It is easy to see how Cymax became over 100 specialty shops strong and is listed in the Top 500 online businesses.